Gold Donor

Gold DonorGold Status Donor

Donation: $2000 per year (we ask for a commitment of three years)

Yes I want to be a Gold Donor!

Our ‘thank you gift’ to you for your generous support:

  • Ten pre-paid tickets each year to any Willow events of your choice.
    You can use these however you choose over the next 12 months. They are transferable and can be gifted to others.
  • Willow Creek resources at cost plus 10%
    Please place any orders by phone (07 282 0092 Mon-Fri, 9am-1pm) or email and mention that you are a Gold Donor. Your order will be adjusted for you.
  • Other Gifts from us to you:
    • Access to:
      • Affiliate Benefits on WCA USA website
      • Leadership Book Summaries (available free on request) Read more…
    • Free downloads (from our Willow website):
      • Defining Moments MP3 (audio)
      • Defining Moments MP4 (visual) (coming soon)
    • Free P&P on all resource purchases

As we have charitable status, you can claim about a third of your donation back from the IRD.

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