Further Faster 2017 sessions

Further Faster 2017 Sessions


Further Faster 2017 – download sessions recorded at the Australian conference.

Discounted rate: Did you attend Further Faster 2017 in NZ?  If you attended the NZ event (same content) you can purchase the downloads for $35. Please click here.

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Product Description

Further Faster 2017 – these sessions were recorded at the Australian conference. They were the same content as the event held in New Zealand.

Lane Jones
7 Practices of Effective Ministry (MP3 53.2mb)

Innovative Leadership (MP3 78.6mb)

Innovative Leadership Q&A (MP3 46.7mb)

Double Barrelled Preaching (MP3 78.1mb)

Evan McLaughlin

Five Faith Catalysts (MP3 58.4mb)

Rules of Engagement (MP3 77.5mb)

Exploring The Creative Process (MP3 75.8mb)

Casey Ross

Creating A Great Guest Experience (MP3 56.2mb)

Student & Children’s Ministry (MP3 78.8mb)

Engaging the Next Generation (MP3 84.9mb)

Leadership Team
Leadership Team Q & A (MP3 49.6mb)

Includes handouts

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