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Articles written by Alan Vink, Executive Director – Willow Creek NZ

Coming from a background of business and teaching, Alan has served two Baptist churches as Senior Pastor for 20 years. He has consulted with a variety of organisations and teaches on leadership and management subjects. He currently serves as the Executive Director for Willow Creek Association NZ, is a guest preacher at a variety of churches and is a Board member of several organisations. He is enjoying life in Raglan with his wife Jeanette.

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Everyone Wins When a Leader Gets Better _ August 2015

Using Fear as a Weapon

What’s Caught My Attention_May 2015

It’s Very Busy on Main Street

Lead Where You Are

The Times They Are a-Changin’

I’ve Been Thinking

Are You on Board?

Has Pike River Mine Anything to Teach Us?

Early in 2016, Alan moved to three alternative forms of communicating:

1. Church and Society – a Blog:

2. Fortnightly Comments for Pastors:
This is a fortnightly comment Alan writes to pastors who are in the WillowNZ network. It is a quick read on a leadership or church life issue that is current and relevant in NZ. From time to time a guest will write. This fortnightly comment supplements his blog Pastors are welcome to subscribe to this email group by contacting our office: or 07 282 0092 (9am – 1pm Monday – Friday)

3. Fortnightly Comments for Marketplace Leaders:
This one-minute email is a fortnightly comment from Alan Vink intended to assist Christian managers and leaders who work in the marketplace (incl. Business, NFP’s, Education, Health and Social Services) to reflect on their practice through the lens of the Bible. You can subscribe to this by contacting our office: or 07 282 0092 (9am – 1pm Monday – Friday)