Christianity Today

Christianity Today is a globally-minded evangelical magazine that provides thoughtful, biblical perspectives on the news and ideas of our day. They use a broad network of people from around the world to bring you this thought-provoking publication.

In early 2016, they replaced the popular Leadership Journal with a new section within Christianity Today entitled “The Local Church”. This section is specifically written for church leaders.

Christianity Today‘s readers are influencers – from small-group bible study leaders to relief agency CEOs – who want the influence they wield to be biblically based, deeply informed, tested, and pertinent to their sphere of ministry.

Whereas Leadership Journal was a quarterly publication, Christianity Today is published monthly with the exception of two double issues in January/February and July/August (i.e. ten issues per year). We provide our Willow Supporter Tier 2 and 3 subscribers, on request, digital access to this exceptional resource.

What you get:

  • Tablet access to each issue (via iPad or Android app)
  • PDF version of each issue
  • Complete web-access at, where readers can view current articles, web-exclusives, and all archived issues.

How to sign up:

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There could be a delay of 7 – 13 weeks before you are actually able to access the content. We apologise for this wait – we’d like your access to be instant! However, we hope you’ll agree it will be worth the wait.

So how to understand when you will receive access? … Calculate 6-7 weeks from now. If you’re past the middle of one of the connection months, it will probably be the following connection month before you hear from Christianity Today. e.g. If today was 1st June, your connection month would be September. Let us know if you’re unsure and we can confirm for you.


If you do not wish to become a Willow Supporter but would still like access to the above, you can subscribe direct with Christianity Today: Christianity Today Digital Subscription