Membership is no longer available. Why is this?

You may be aware that ‘memberships’ in most types of organisations are generally declining worldwide.   With membership no longer a popular concept, we realised we had to do things differently.

That’s why we’ve put together a new opportunity which allows for everyone to have access to content. We hope you will choose to support Willow NZ through our supporter programme, as we need your support to continue and grow our mission in New Zealand.  The key changes include:

  • From 12 May 2014, we will not accept any NEW memberships.
  • From 1 April 2015, members will be invited to change to one of the Willow Supporter Programme options. These options are already available and people are already connecting with them—read more here.
  • The Willow Supporter Programme is for individuals, whereas membership was available to groups.


I see the new Supporter Scheme has three tiers. What’s the difference?

Tier 1 is a donation to support the work of Willow in NZ. Read more about this here: Tier 1
Tier 2 is a subscription to services. You can read more about this here: Tier 2
Tier 3 is a combination of Tier 1 and Tier 2. You can read more about this here: Tier 3


Which is the best Tier for me to choose?

We are hoping you will choose both Tier 3 (i.e. Tier 1 plus Tier 2). This will ensure continuation of your access to all online benefits as well as becoming a Willow Supporter. You can read about the options and find one that suits you best here.


Can I just choose Tier 2?

Yes, and you will still be considered a Willow Supporter. We are asking that if you enjoy Willow resources that you consider opting in to Tier 1 as well, to partner with us in strengthening leaders throughout the nation.


Can I pay in one lump sum, or do I need to pay monthly?

You are welcome to pay the annual amount in one payment if this suits your purposes better. In this case, an appropriate tax invoice/receipt will be issued at the time of payment.


When will I get my receipt?

All people making monthly payments will be issued with a Tax Receipt at the end of the financial year, unless payments are discontinued and a receipt is requested earlier.  Those who prefer to make their annual payment in one amount will be issued with an appropriate receipt at the time of payment.


Are these payments Tax Deductible?

As Willow Creek Association NZ is a Charitable Organisation, Tier 1 and part of Tier 3 are considered a donation rather than payment for services and therefore this Tax Receipt is able to be used to claim back a third from the IRD. Your Tax Receipt for Tier 2 is considered payment for services and includes GST. This portion cannot be claimed back as a charitable donation—IRD rules prohibit this.


Can an organisation become a Supporter of Willow?

We have set this up for individuals; however an individual could have their supporter fee paid for by an organisation. Benefits and gifts will be extended to that individual only.


Can we give more than $10/month?

Absolutely! Our thank you gift will increase depending on the amount per month you choose to gift. You can choose to multiply the Tier 1 option or see other giving options.


Is this the only way/amount I can give?

There are several options available to people who wish to give. If you go to our giving options page you will find more details. If you want to be a Willow Supporter and give more per month, you can give any amount you wish. $10 per month is the minimum for Willow Supporter status.


Can I decide which ministry I want my money to be spent on?

If you wish to, you are welcome to indicate where you would like your donation to be spent. Please note that monies given as a Willow Supporter to Shoeless will go towards the running of Shoeless, not to the children. Donations specifically for the children of Cambodia are separate. If you would like to make a donation for the children, please do so here.


If I choose Tier 1, when will my voucher arrive?

After four months of continuous payments, you will be emailed a voucher that is for your exclusive use. It will have a unique ID number and instructions for use. You are free to gift this to another person if you so wish. This needs to be used within twelve months of issue.


What are Leadership Book Summaries?

Leadership Book Summaries are an excellent way for you to read less and learn more! 30 times each year you will receive a clear, concise summary of an important leadership book. Read more…


What has happened to Defining Moments?

The Defining Moments CDs are a popular and valuable resource. They are now available as a benefit within Tier 2 or 3 of our new Willow Supporter Scheme. Willow Supporter Tier 2 or 3 subscribers can download the files from our website. They are available as:

  • Defining Moment MP3 (audio)
  • Defining Moments MP4 (video)


My question is not answered here.

Please feel free to email any queries to office@willowcreek.org.nz or phone us, 07 282 0092 during office hours Mon-Fri, 9am – 1pm. Other contact details here.