Study Leadership Book Summaries

Are you becoming the leader God intends you to be?
Are you learning and growing the way you want to?

It just got easier…

The Problem

Lack of Time

  • Leaders must keep growing to be effective
  • Life is busy – and getting busier
  • The challenges a leader faces are getting bigger
  • There is little time to invest in your own growth
  • The average reader takes 6-10 hours to read a book

The Solution

Read Less. Learn More!

  • 30 times per year, receive a clear, concise summary of an important leadership book
  • Get top insights and key information from cutting edge leaders
  • Takes only 15 minutes to read!
  • A Carnagie-Mellon study showed that people who read good summaries retain more information than those who read the whole book!

What you get:

  • Thirty 12-15 page summaries/year
  • Additional 2-page “Nutshell” summary of the summary
  • “The Pastor’s Perspective” application insights from veteran church leaders

Summaries from top authors: Andy Stanley – Liz Wiseman – Dr Henry Cloud – Bill Hybels – John C. Maxwell – Patrick Lencioni – Peter F. Drucker – Jim Collins – Stephen Covey – Wayne Cordiero – Daniel Goleman – Peter Scazzero and many more.

If you would like a sample summary, please contact us: | 07 282 0092

How to sign up:

This resource is available free to anyone who chooses  Tier 3, or Tier 2 of our Willow Supporter Programme. Read more… The level of subscription we offer you through these tiers gives you access to a library of previous book summaries – pure gold!
Alternatively you can go online to Study Leadership and subscribe yourself. Please note that the direct subscription will cost you more (annually) than an annual Tier 2 subscription.